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Inspiring Pearls of Wisdom - Show 78 - Belief

Inspiring Pearls of Wisdom - Show 78 - Belief

December 7, 2016

Welcome to the Inspiring Pearls of Wisdom – Podcast

#78: Belief

This week Kaz and Karen’s special guests are Kim and Linda. Kim is an Empowerment Mentor, Assertiveness & Intuitive Coach, a Psychic, a Spiritual Physician & Healer. Linda is a fellow radio host at radio Northern Beaches and we have asked her to join us in the studio today, so Kim can read her cards for her.

Welcome Kim and Linda,

Song Title


You tube link

1.   The Other Side

Bruno Mars

2.   Faith

George Michael

3.   Greatest Love of All

Whitney Houston

4.   Adventure of a Lifetime


5.   I’ll Be There

Jessica Mauboy

Please listen stop and listen to these songs as we introduce them, so you can truly understand why we chose these songs.


The links to the songs will be shared on Inspiring Pearls of Wisdom daily Wednesday to Sunday


Also provide us with feedback.

You can connect with Kim please #Messages for Kim on our Inspiring Pearls of Wisdom facebook page.

Until next time

With Gratitude and Joy


Karen Chaston and Kaz (Karen) Pearce


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