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Inspiring Pearls of Wisdom - Show 50 - Calling

Inspiring Pearls of Wisdom - Show 50 - Calling

May 24, 2016

Welcome to the Inspiring Pearls of Wisdom – Podcast

#50: Calling

This week Kaz and Karen’s special guest is Jen Cudmore an Alignment Coach and author of Amazon best-seller Entrepreneurship – The Inside Game.

Jen specialises in helping people who need to perform at their best everyday – people who can’t afford to have a bad day.  Jen utilises Coaching and Kinesiology skills to access the deeper issues that need to be cleared for a person to move forward. 

Jen Cudmore is motivated by working on what people can achieve in the world, when they are “loving being their best.”

She believes that when we are doing what we are truly called to do, many of the day-to-day issues dissolve as we engage and exercise our full power.  And this not only transforms us in the paradigm of creating abundance, it can transform everyone we come in contact with, and ultimately this impact can be felt across the globe - almost like flight paths on a plane.

Welcome Jen

Song Title


You tube link

1.   Who I was Born to Be

Susan Boyle

2.   Beautiful Day


3.   Under the Milky Way

The Church

4.   Let’s Go Crazy


5.   Do you know the way to San Jose

Dionne Warwick

Please listen stop and listen to these songs as we introduce them, so you can truly understand why we chose these songs.


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You can connect with Jen via her website

 Until next time

With Gratitude and Joy

Karen Chaston and Kaz (Karen) Pearce


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