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Inspiring Pearls of Wisdom - Show 59 - Purpose

Inspiring Pearls of Wisdom - Show 59 - Purpose

July 27, 2016

Welcome to the Inspiring Pearls of Wisdom

Podcast #59: Purpose

This week Kaz and Karen’s special guest is David Solomon. He is a Holistic Mentor, a CTC Master Therapist, a Health and Wellness Coach and a Higher Purpose Business Specialist.

David’s life work is to teach people how to live a life they truly love – to step into their passion, purpose and power and to find their authentic voice, so they can leave their unique ripples in the world.  This is a full integration of mind, body & spirit and business.

David’s journey has been one of incredible ups and downs - way too many to reveal in this brief introduction – and not least of which is his amazing health transformation. He has been married to the same lovely lady for over 32 years and has 3 adult children (all boys). He is also a singer, an actor and a self-confessed cricket tragic and science fiction geek.

Welcome David

Song Title


You tube link

1.   You’re the Voice

John Farnham

2.   Jealous of the Angels

Jenn Bostic

3.   Be the Change

Divine Union

4.   Feeling Good

Nina Simone

5.   Let it Go

Demi Lovato

Please listen stop and listen to these songs as we introduce them, so you can truly understand why we chose these songs.

The links to the songs will be shared on Inspiring Pearls of Wisdom daily Wednesday to Sunday

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You can connect with David via his website

Until next time

With Gratitude and Joy


Karen Chaston and Kaz (Karen) Pearce

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