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Inspiring Pearls of Wisdom - Show 89 - Quantum

Inspiring Pearls of Wisdom - Show 89 - Quantum

April 5, 2017

Welcome to the Inspiring Pearls of Wisdom – Podcast

#89: Quantum


This week Kaz and Karen’s special guest is Today our special guest is Vicky Jones a transformational coach, mentor, speaker & mother to 9-year-old daughter, Aria.  Through her own self –discovery & transformation she is now wanting to share the secrets of success & happiness whilst touching as many life’s as possible with her work. 

Vicky was our guest 5 shows ago and during the conversation she mentioned that she would love to come back and talk about Quantum Physics – a subject dear to her heart. 

Welcome Vicky


Song Title


You tube link

1.     Quantum Physics

Heather Maloney

2.     Shooting Stars

Bag Raiders

3.     Can’t Stop the Feeling

Justin Timberlake

4.     I’m Yours

Jason Mraz


Please listen stop and listen to these songs as we introduce them, so you can truly understand why we chose these songs.

 The links to the songs will be shared on Inspiring Pearls of Wisdom daily Wednesday to Sunday. 

Also provide us with feedback.

You can connect with Vicky via her website

Until next time

With Gratitude and Joy


Karen Chaston and Kaz (Karen) Pearce 

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