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Inspiring Pearls of Wisdom - Show 64 - Tenacious

Inspiring Pearls of Wisdom - Show 64 - Tenacious

August 31, 2016

Welcome to the Inspiring Pearls of Wisdom

Podcast #64: Tenacious

This week Kaz and Karen’s special guest is Vanessa Caputo the principal at Caputo Lawyers.

Vanessa was the prospective dux at high school, the person who never tried or studied and still got top grades, a person who found the last few years at high school challenging for her parents and herself. Pressure to get lower grades at school to be cool, struggled staying in school, ran away from home before HSC, never finished HSC.

Vanessa, started a law degree at 20, met her husband at 21, got married at 23 had her  first child at 24, did final law exams 3 weeks after giving birth to a baby in an intensive care unit while lactating and nearly passing out to complete her law degree.

She worked in the corporate world until 6 years ago , leaving to pursue her dreams of opening her own boutique property and business law firm despite that the GFC had just happened and left a high paid respected job to go and help mum’s and dad’s in property and business.

Most thought it was a really bad decision, though Vanessa knows it was the Best decision of her life.

Welcome Vanessa

Song Title


You tube link

1.   Never Give Up

Whitney Houston

2.   Eye of the Tiger


3.   Beautiful Day


4.   Roar

Katy Perry

5.   Brave

Kate Ceberano

Please listen stop and listen to these songs as we introduce them, so you can truly understand why we chose these songs.


The links to the songs will be shared on Inspiring Pearls of Wisdom daily Wednesday to Sunday


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You can connect with Vanessa via her website

Until next time

With Gratitude and Joy


Karen Chaston and Kaz (Karen) Pearce


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