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Live Love By Design ~ Our ‘Radical Forgiveness’ Conversation with Maura Sweeney

February 17, 2019

Today Karen is having a conversation with Maura Sweeney who was a previous guest on Live Love By Design TV.

Maura’s motto is "Living Happy Inside Out” and today Karen has asked Maura to return to discuss the book “Radical Forgiveness” by Colin Tipping.

This book came to Karen around October 2018 and as soon as she read it, she reached out to Maura to see if she would like to read the book and then discuss on our show. The whole premise of the book is that no-one does anything to you they do it for you ~ on a soul level.

Enjoy this show as Maura and Karen share what they took from the book and how they have embraced it into their daily lives. This episode is a little longer than normal, though it is well worth investing your time and listening to the end.

To learn more about Maura and to listen to her previous Live Love By Design TV show, please follow the links below.


With Gratitude

Karen Chaston

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